Joint Venturesana sayfa
Kaptanoglu is involved in various joint ventures such as Dati Holding, Eregli Shipping, Karadeniz RO-RO, Marin Tug and Turkish Cargo Lines.

DATİ Yatırım Ortaklık A.Ş.

One of the most innovative investments of Turkey in the 1980's with its shopping malls, hotels and marina and in harmony not only with the changing face of Istanbul but also with that of Turkey.

Ereğli Shipping

Ereğli Denizcilik A.Ş. Established in 2004 by prominent shipowners of Turkey to courageously provide transportation of raw materials essential for outputs of steels of any kind to satisfy the needs of Turkey and world as a whole.

Turkish Cargo Lines

T.C.L. was privatized on 24.03.2000 as per the decision of the Privatization High Council dated 03.03.2000 and numbered 2000-16. The company still operates with its fleet consisting of bulk-freight vessels and its subsidiaries under the chairmanship of Mr. Kaptanoğlu.

Marin Tug and Pilot Services Co.

Marin Tug was established in 1998 by a wide range members of Turkish Maritime Community in order to increase quality of the service and to maintain compating prices in Turkish Ports.