Sosyal Sorumlulukana sayfa
The Kaptanoglu group has been intensively investing in education and environment since its foundation. The family continues with the same ethical vision of their elderly;

'If you do not invest in people and nature, no good will come to your doorstep '

Hacı Ismail Kaptanoglu


Kaptanoglu Group is one the founders of TÜDEV (Institute of Maritime Studies) which enables many students to have a carrier in the shipping sector. TÜDEV is part of the maritime employers association and the Turkish Chamber of Shipping. Kaptanoglu has been providing several scholarship to students that are persevering in the shipping sector careers. These students are afterwards evaluated and recruited by the companies belonging to the group. Kaptanoglu also is dedicated to building schools all around the country. A total of four have been concluded and functional as of today.

Also, as a tradition, Kaptanoglu Group has initiated a social responsibility project within the Turkish Ship-owner community as well as the employees of these companies.

The 'Make a Wish' Project is enabling all the employees as well as the employers to realise the dreams of children from all over Turkey aged between 6 and 12 years to achieve what they are wishing for.


In coordination with Tema, the Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats, the Group has intensively invested in plantation of trees.

Approximately 30.000 trees have been planted since our project started in 2010.


'The sea is the key of our lives. Taking good care of the sea is our mission and duty '
Hacı Ismail Kaptanoglu

We are working closely with Turkish Maritime Environment and closely researching areas that we can be of great use for the environment. Our last organisation consisted on a donation of an agreed amount per visitor to our website between a time period.